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World Aids Day: focus on Aids Orphans


Aids Orphan in Malawi

This World Aids Day, 1 December 2006, why not plan an event to help support SOS Children, as well as draw attention to the plight of Aids Orphans? As the biggest orphan charity in the world, SOS Children is also one of the leading charities helping Aids Orphans in Africa, with long-standing orphan projects in 44 African countries and an additional 53,000 children on our recent family support programme for child-led families (see list of Aids Orphans projects throughout Africa. Using local partners and local staff, these children receive three visits a week from an SOS nurse who helps with food, medicine, practical problems and a hug.

You could choose to raise funds and support Aids Orphans through the alphabet from Angola to Zimbabwe. If you are considering an event for World Aids Day, please contact Caroline,, who will be able to offer support, including publicity for the event.

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