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Providing an education for women

Every day women in many countries around the world are faced with discrimination and disrespect. Equal access to education brings about change in the long run, empowering women and children for the future.

To mark International Women's Day on 8th March, we bring you stories about how SOS Children is helping provide women with an education and the opportunity for them to improve their futures.

Education for men, but what about women?

Schoolgirl, Pune, India

For many women participating actively in society, economics or politics does not go without saying. One of the main reasons is that they do not have equal rights in terms of education.

Read about how SOS Children stands up for women and girls' education.

Mama! School, school!

Girls have the right to education. Read a poem by 19 year-old Ndey, a pupil at the SOS School in Bakoteh, The Gambia.

Empowering women in Bolivia

El Alto is one of the youngest but also one of the poorest cities of Bolivia. As an underprivileged part of the patriarchal society, women especially suffer from the poor living conditions. Isabel Poma, director of SOS Social Centre El Alto, discusses the help SOS Children is providing women in the region.

Women's lives in India

Sewing class, India

In India everybody is familiar with worshipping female gods. But the real life situation of women in many regions is still very difficult. The Project Coordinator of the SOS Mother Strengthening Programmes in Gujarat tells us more about the situation of women in India.

Sewing a future

Nirmal Devi, a single mother of two children, lives in Kashmir in the far north of India. She has to struggle hard to live an independent life. After losing her husband, Nirmal felt desperate and helpless and did not know how to go on. Read Nirmal's story of how she regained her strength.

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