Wolf Brother

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Title Wolf Brother

First Britain edition cover
Author Michelle Paver
Illustrator Geoff Taylor
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series Chronicles of Ancient Darkness
Genre(s) Children's Adventure, Fantasy novel
Publisher Orion Children's Books
Released 30 September 2004
Media type Print ( Hardback & Paperback) & Audio book (CD & Cassette)
Pages 224 pp (first edition, hardback)
ISBN ISBN 1-84255-170-1 (first edition, hardback)
Preceded by (none)
Followed by Spirit Walker

'Wolf Brother' is the first book in the series Chronicles of Ancient Darkness by Michelle Paver. There will be six in total.

Plot introduction

This book is set in the Europe thousands of years ago. At that time the ice age has ended and the people live in Clans. They live in a vast forest and are all excellent hunters as the concept of farming has not yet arrived.

Plot summary

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Torak and his father lived alone in a forest, far from their clans. When Torak was 12 summers old, his father was killed by a bear possessed by a demon. Before Torak's father died, he made Torak to swear an oath to head north find the mountain of World spirit and destroy the bear. "Your guide will find you," he said to Torak.

So Torak headed north and soon found an orphaned wolf cub (who's family was drowned in a flood). When trying to communicate with the wolf, Torak realised that he could talk in wolf language (or as he called it, wolf talk). He then realised that wolf was the guide that his father has told him of, so he set off with the wolf guiding him.

Unfortunately, Torak and Wolf were soon captured by three people from the Raven Clan - Renn, Hord and Oslak. They claim that Torak was stealing their Roe Buck. Torak was taken to the Raven Camp for the clan leader, a man call Fin-Kedinn.

In the Raven camp Torak fought Hord in a combat to prove that he was innocent. He won by blinding Hord with steam from a stew. But Fin-Kedinn and the Raven mage Saeunn told him that there is a prophecy in the Raven Clan about a boy who can talk to the wolf and fights with air.They say that the boy will offer his heart's blood to the mountain of world spirit to kill the bear. Torak refused to believe that he is the One and escapes. He was later found by Renn who forced him to go to the mountain. Renn also mentioned that Torak would have to find 3 parts of the Nanuak, the brightest soul, to please the World Spirit. Torak found the first part of the Nanuak when he fell into a river. He found the next one in a cave connecting to the Otherworld, and the last one when he was crossing an ice river. When at last, Renn and Torak reached the high mountains (a group of mountains in which the mountain of the world spirit is said to be in) they are captured by Hord and Oslak. When Torak was escorted to the newly established Raven camp, Fin-Kedinn released Torak and told him that he has passed his test of courage and that he believes Torak is the right person to go to the mountain. At dinner that night, Fin-Kedinn told Torak that Torak's Father was killed by a group of mages called the Soul Eaters. He told Torak that his Father was also a soul eater but he quit and caused the group's destruction. But the soul eaters were not defeated as many of them still lived, and Torak is destined to destroy them.

The next day, Torak and Wolf left for the mountain without Renn. They follow a path which lead to the mountain. When they reached it, the bear arrived too. When Torak prayed to the World Spirit, it did nothing. Torak was then attack by Hord, who claimed that he will kill Torak and offer the World Spirit his blood. Then Torak realised that his "heart's blood" is the thing he cares for most,and he sent Wolf towards the mountain. At this, the World Spirit heard his plea and buried the bear and Hord as well, under a huge pile of snow. Wolf then left Torak and joined a wolf pack so Torak returned to the Raven camp alone.

Characters in Wolf Brother

  • Torak Wolf - Main Character of the book wolf was his last name
  • Wolf - Torak's guide and pack brother
  • Renn - a Raven Clan Trainee who helped Torak
  • Hord - Renn's brother
  • Oslak - A Raven clan member
  • Fa - Torak's Father. Killed in the begining of the book. An ex-soul eater.
  • Fin-Kedinn - Leader of the Raven clan
Spoilers end here.

Literary significance & criticism

"The stark, primitive setting provides an innovative contrast to most fantasies…This fast–moving story with engaging characters will appeal."

Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA)

"Torak’s coming-of-age tale will keep the pages turning."

Publishers Weekly

"The story…glides on lines of smooth prose"

Bulletin of the Centre for Children’s Books

"Paver’s depth of research…makes this impressive British import…intriguing and believable."

School Library Journal

Awards and nominations

Shortlisted for the Manchester Book Award in 2006

Film, TV or theatrical adaptations

20th Century Fox has bought the right of Wolf brother and Ridley Scott is going to direct it. It will be out in 2007.

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