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Winter 2006/2007 Newsletter


Ongoing support in the middle east

Lebanon update

The end of the war in Lebanon does not mean an end to relief in the country. SOS Children will provide an emergency relief programme for seriously traumatised children through a three-year psychosocial relief programme and support their families by rebuilding family life.

Lebanon's economy has been set back by years; thousands of people are having to start from the beginning again. Psychotherapy and play therapy should help children to recover from the traumas they have experienced. As part of the immediate emergency relief, the families will be provided with a place to stay, food, clothes and school materials.

Ongoing support in the Middle East

Over 1,100 people, mainly civilians, were killed, around 20,000 houses were destroyed and approximately 300,000 people were left homeless as a result of the attacks on Lebanon in July-August 2006. Over the next three years, SOS Children will therefore provide care for over 200 children from the middle of the Bekaa Valley, 200 children from the southern districts of Beirut, 150 children in the south and 200 children from the area around the SOS Children's Village Kfarhay in northern Lebanon.

Botswana - Gazza visit

Paul Gascoigne visit the SOS Children’s Village Tlokweng

Ongoing partnership of The Football Association saw Paul Gascoigne visit the SOS Children’s Village Tlokweng


Refugees from Dafur part of the SOS Emergency Relief Programme

Refugees from Dafur part of the SOS Emergency Relief Programme

Sri Lanka

The Operababes visiting long-term work in Sri Lanka

SOS supporters 'The Operababes', whilst visiting our long term work in Sri Lanka, stated:

“Going to the village was such an honour and we both felt really privileged to have had the opportunity to meet all of the children.”

‘6 villages for 2006’ campaign

The new SOS Children’s Villages at Rustenburg, South Africa and Dong Hoi, Vietnam have opened. The first children have arrived at the SOS children's village Rustenburg and have just celebrated their first Christmas with their new families.

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