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Bucharest, the Romanian capital, is situated in the southeast of the country. The SOS Children's Village Bucharest is about ten minutes from the city centre. The site of the SOS Children's Village is relatively large and covers 12 acres. A popular recreation area, with a park and the Floreasca Lake, is nearby and within easy reach. The family houses were built in the typical local style as bungalows with attic extensions. The official opening ceremony of SOS Children's Village Bucharest took place on 22 October 1993.

Child in SOS Nursery School Romania

SOS Children's Village Bucharest comprises fifteen family houses for up to 90 children, a community building, and a house for the village director, workshops, an administration and service area together with a sports field.

The adjoining SOS Nursery school was opened in October 1998. It has a capacity to take in up to 60 children and consists of three group rooms, a room for medical treatment, a multi-purpose hall, and a library. To meet the needs of the growing number of young people who have already outgrown the SOS Children's Village, an SOS Youth Home was established in 1999. They can stay there during further training or higher education and prepare themselves for an independent life.

Since 2002, a Play-Mobile-Project has been carried out in the city of Bucharest, with the aim of helping to keep children off the streets; in 2003, a community support programme was started, giving material and financial support to poor families. Both projects are being coordinated through an SOS Social Centre.

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