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Challenge Tastic!


Some of our supporters are prepared to do all manner of personal challenges to raise vital funds and awareness for SOS Children. We think they are brilliant!!

Everestmax Expedition

Everest  Max Team on Mt Blanc

Between December 2005 and May 2006 the Everestmax expedition team aims to be the first team to complete the ascent from the shores of the Dead Sea to the summit of Everest. The journey from the lowest point on Earth to the highest is the last great overland challenge on the Earth's surface. Departing from the Dead Sea in December 2005 the team will cycle through eight countries following the ancient 'Silk Road' to reach base camp on the North side of Everest in early April 2006. The climb to the summit will complete a total ascent of 30,250 feet. Sir Ranulph Fiennes is patron of Everestmax.

Climb The Aconcagua

From this month onwards Mark Daniells and Roly Denman will be climbing The Aconcagua - all 22,841ft of it. For details of their trip see the Mark and Roly appeal

Essex-Dakar Motorbike Ride

essex dakar logo

Tim Fransen is taking part in the Essex-Dakar Solo Motorbike Ride to The Gambia. On arrival, Tim will be donating his Suzuki 125 to the SOS Vocational Training & production Centre in SOS CV Bakoteh, to be used as a teaching aid for the mechanics workshop. Tim departs: 26 December and is due to arrive between 16-20 Jan 2006 PIC - 20229 Caption - Supporting our work at Bakoteh, Gambia

Tim's journey was partly inspired by Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman's 20,000 mile round the world trip 'The Long Way Round'. To raise funds, Tim is selling limited edition A2 prints of Cartoonist Ralph Steadman's cartoon of a motorcyclist.

Enter Caritas Cycle Challenge

Viney Dhiri and Brad Carroll completed a 480km cycle ride From Fatehpur Sikri to Pushkar, India November 2005. This challenge started through Classic Tours and then Viney continued cycling north towards the Punjab and he decided to add a further 520 km to the challenge, to make it a 1000 km journey.

Banjul Challenge 2006

SOS Children in Senegal

Matt Leslie set the challenge to simply drive the route from Plymouth to Dakar (on a limited budget) with the principle aim of helping charitable causes in Senegal and The Gambia. Team Gila Monster of Plymouth rose to this Banjul Challenge 2006.

After the success of the inaugural event at the start of 2003, interest in The Challenge has grown enormously such that three groups of around 40 cars took part in the second Challenge in 2004 and over 200 teams participated in the event last year.

We delighted to say that our events are live on our web site! If you would like more details about doing a Challenge or any other event please contact Caroline Baker on or call her on 01223 365589.

Classic Response Update

As we had such a tremendous response to our concert at the Royal Albert Hall in March 2005, we are holding another concert there on Easter Saturday (April 15 2006) featuring stars of the classical world. Visit our over the next few months for more details.

Relevant Countries: Gambia, The, Senegal.

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