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Stop Press Around the World


Africa - Chad

Children Playing in Chad

Chad, one of the poorest countries in the world, had it's first SOS Children's Village opened in October, with the Prime Minister and other officials present to mark the occasion. SOS Children is the first NGO to offer such care in Chad. The new village symbolises the hope of an entire nation. One member of the government commented that the village "is like a precious jewel which has to be preserved very carefully".

SOS Children's Village N'Djamena is located in the Diguel district (about 15 minutes away from the capital city) on land donated by the government. The first families moved in during March 2005 and today all 12 family houses are 'fully occupied' by a total of 120 children. An SOS Kindergarten and an SOS Primary School for 240 children opened their doors at the start of the new school year in October 2005. An SOS Medical Centre opened in September 2005 and will offer first aid, general medicines, general consultations as well as specific consultations in dermatology, paediatrics and gynaecology to up to 600 patients a month for free.

Brothers in Chad

An estimated 10,000 orphans and abandoned children are reported to live in N'Djamena's streets where they are exposed to drugs, alcohol and prostitution.

Asia - India

During November 2005, a cyclone threatened the region already devastated by the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004. Huge rainfall and flash floods affected the Bay of Bengal area including coastal towns such as Chennai. Some areas received as much as 25cms of rain air, and road and rail transport were badly affected. More than 100 people died and the worst affected families were daily wage earners, agricultural labourers and those in the fishing industry who have been warned not to go to sea.

section 5

3 girls eating Akkampettai

Cuddalore district had maximum rainfall and most areas were flooded. In Puthupettai, we have been distributing essentials like food, milk for children and candles for light as there was no electricity. Temporary shelters in Akkampettai were flooded and we organised distribution of food. A third-level warning was issued in these areas making it virtually impossible to step out of homes, let alone venturing into the sea.

Just when the people were trying to recover from the tsunami and rebuild their lives, the cyclone hit, which means there will be no fishing and no food until the rains stop.

South America - Chile

The SOS Social Centre in Carahue, Chile was officially opened in September. Our work started in the region during 2000, when southern and central Chile were struck by heavy thunderstorms. An SOS Emergency Relief Programme for 200 families where nearly one third live in extreme poverty.

The SOS Social Centre will support parents through day long child care where up to 140 children and teenagers will be involved in various activities. Mothers will be offered further training tailored to their needs. The centre accommodates a medical station, in which paediatric examinations and dental treatments are carried out, and a small pharmacy, in which medication is provided.

Relevant Countries: Chad, Chile, India.

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