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SOS Children's Village Putian, China

Boy and girl in Putian

SOS Children has worked in China for over twenty years and the SOS Children's Village Putian is the ninth SOS Children's Village in China. Located in the South Eastern region of the country in the Fujian Province, Putian is one of the more disadvantaged areas of China. Opposite Taiwan, Putian has suffered from lack of development over the years.

The need for an SOS Children's Village is shown by the numbers at the village. The village is at full capacity! Since the village opened in 2000, the numbers have risen so that when older boys move into the Youth House, children are already lined up to come into the village and join their SOS family. This year 12 new children came to the village as a result of this. We can only scratch the surface in this city with a population of 3.2 million, and which is the equivalent number of orphans in China.

Village at Putian

The village is made up of 15 family houses as well as the SOS Kindergarten and two SOS Youth Houses - one each for boys and girls. These are a stepping stone to adult life. Surrounding the village is a lychee grove and it backs onto the River Mulan.

Children at Putian

Most of the children at Putian attend SOS Primary, Junior and Secondary Schools and the SOS Kindergarten. One child has already gone onto college this year - quite an achievement for the village which only opened five years ago. Equal emphasis is placed on children's social development as well as their academic development at the village. Various workshops take place from art and music classes, writing classes. Help is given to all and extra teachers are on hand to help SOS Mothers.

Two children from Putian

The vegetable garden at Putian provides a great way to encourage the children to get involved and get their hands mucky! Vegetables for the families at the SOS Children's Village Putian are provided through the garden. These include cabbage, eggplant, corn and soy bean. Harvest time is a great time shared by all.

Putian urgently needs sponsors to support a child at the village - help a child today and give them a future. Email us at or call 01223 365589 or see our online information about sponsorship. You can always complete the online sponsorship form.

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