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Tsunami Orphans: India, Sri Lanka & Indonesia Tsunami Orphans


As the world's biggest orphan charity, with nearly fifty orphan communities in India, Sri Lanka & Indonesia, SOS Children is at the centre of providing long term help for Tsunami orphans.

Already SOS Children has more than 5,600 additional children in 13 emergency camps in South India. In the south of India, help provided by SOS Children is mainly around the cities of Tiruvarur, Nagapattinam, Cuddalore near Pondicherry and Kanyakumari. Thousands of people were evacuated into the temple buildings and community centres of these cities or fled there chased by the mass of water. The children are severely traumatised, their communities have lost their entire livelihoods, many children have become tsunami orphans. In Cuddalore the fishing families were most severely affected by the sea surge disaster. Here the camps are more or less out in the open because there are no temples or other large buildings in the area. The children are being provided with food and clothing and activities are organised to keep them busy. In order to help them overcome the shock, the co-workers paint, draw and sing with the children.

Sri Lanka
In Sri Lanka, SOS Children are delivering relief packages to affected families and emergency shelters are rapidly being set up. In the disaster areas in the east and southeast of Sri Lanka thousands more victims from the sea surge are being provided with relief supplies. The SOS Social Centre in Batticaloa is the centre of emergency assistance in a region which is partly controlled by the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam).

Sponsoring Tsunami Orphans
We are no longer accepting sponsorships for tsunami orphans. More children are orphaned every week in Africa than were orphaned by the tsunami. Please consider Sponsoring a child in Africa or South America instead.

Relevant Countries: India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka.

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