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Shelter being provided for the victims of the Pakistan Earhquake

Around the World - Stop Press

Following the earthquake in October 2005, we have been continuing to provide aid for children and families in the areas despite heavy snowfall, rain and resulting landslides.

Fog has prevented supplies being air-lifted and due to the freezing temperatures many children are suffering from pneumonia and bronchitis together and many cases of gastroenteritis are reported at emergency relief camps.

Search and rescue teams from SOS Children continue in their efforts to find unaccompanied children - to date over 100 have been identified and have been brought to the SOS Shelter at Rawalpindi. Children are receiving safe shelter, food, medical care and psychological support. Over one third of the children needed specialist treatment and were moved to the SOS Children's Villages Lahore.

Time for play in Rawalpindi


A devastating landslide on the island of Leyte engulfed hundred of homes and turned the village of Guinsaugon into a sea of mud.

A rescue operation was made difficult by the mud which was metres deep in places. Fortunately, the SOS Children's Villages at Tacloban and Calbayong, in the next province, were not affected. Working with the government and local communities, we have been preparing basic supplies such as water, tinned foods and clothes. In addition SOS Social Centres will act as a base for the relief supplies to be distributed to the areas affected. Further information about The Philippines is available in the sponsorship directory.

SOS Children's Villages at Tacloban

Relevant Countries: Pakistan, Philippines.

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