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Situation eases in Mogadishu


Almost two weeks of fierce fighting in Mogadishu, capital of the war-plagued African country of Somalia, has caused over 1,000 deaths, many more injuries and immense devastation. However, an uneasy calm has become to take root, and families that had fled to safety are beginning to venture back to the city.

Ethiopian troops have until now been providing support to forces of the Somali Transitional Federal Government in their struggle to quell the insurgency by Islamic forces. This week, African Union peacekeepers from Uganda have begun patrolling the city in their attempts to prevent the humanitarian crisis from further worsening.

Queuing for treatment at the SOS Hospital, Mogadishu

Having taken the decision to evacuate all children, mothers and staff from the SOS Children’s Village in Mogadishu last week, co-workers on the ground have been monitoring the situation carefully. Both the village and the nearby SOS Hospital, which was also evacuated late last week, came under heavy shelling when insurgents set up camp in the area. Over the weekend, Allied troops were able to regain control of the area and the Mogadishu police are now patrolling the streets around the village.

Over the past few days the SOS Hospital has been cleaned up and reopened, to support the many wounded civilians unable to flee the city. Despite the fierce shelling, very little equipment was lost at the hospital and Ahmed Ibrahim, National Director of SOS Children in Somalia, hopes that within the next week the full compliment of staff will be back at work and that the hospital will once again be able to function normally.

Although there was damage to some buildings at the Village, none of the family homes were severely affected and the first two families were able to move back in, with others due to follow in the coming days.

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