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Guide to SOS Children Website:

Site Structure

The site may be considered to be divided into six sections:

  1. General Information

  2. Charity News

  3. Child Sponsorship

  4. AIDS in Africa

  5. other projects

  6. a child photography project.

General Information
Background information about the charity are all in the general information pages.

This includes contact information, facts and figures and fundraising ideas, downloadable sponsorship forms for sponsored events, ways to help (such as linking to our website) etc. There are lots of ways in which you could help our work, many of which (like linking to our website or including a footer on your emails) cost nothing.

Charity News
We have Charity News pages following up our Tsunami work, on Kashmir earthquake news, on our Niger and Mali Famine Appeal, with recent news from the Sudan, our latest report from Congo, Central Africa and with fundraising news and other charity challenges.

Sponsorship Information
A very large proportion of our work is only possible thanks to our Child Sponsors. We offer children for sponsorships in most of the 440 Children's Villages which we run around the world. Background information on each of these Villages, maps, country history and photos are all in the child sponsorship directory. You can search countries using click though maps by going to Africa Child Sponsorship, Asian Child Sponsorship, Central and South American Child Sponsorship.

AIDS Africa Projects
Children orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Africa is a major area of work for us (we do not always know that HIV/AIDS was the cause of death, but it generally was). Our charity has both considerable numbers of AIDS orphans living in our villages in Africa (and Eastern Europe for that matter), and we have "family strengthening" programs to help child-led families and families affected by HIV-AIDS to help. In total we support around 50,000 Africa AIDS orphans in the community. The list by country is on our charity's Africa pages.

Other project work
We have a vast number of projects across the world and cannot include details of them all here. We have 192 schools, some summaries on projects for Street Children projects, pages on projects in Africa and South America for
Child Soldiers with current projects in Gulu, Uganda, in Sudan, in Palestine and reviews of previous experiences

Photography by SOS Children
There are also examples of photography by SOS Children which are interesting to look at. This photographic study used photography to help some of our children come to terms with violence in their past and express themselves.

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