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Disaster Relief: Second Report Indonesia


SOS Tsunami Relief in Indonesia

SOS has launched its first long term programme in Banda Aceh, Indonesia - Desa Taruna. This programme will provide psychological assistance to the children orphaned by the disaster who are now living in emergency camps. SOS staffs distribute toys, books, drawing books, pens, pencils, educational games and encourage the children to play, sing, dance and draw. By observing how the children respond to these activities we will begin to understand the trauma these children are experiencing.

Another team of SOS staff arrived in Banda Aceh on 18th January 2005 and are working to install two water pumps to provide clean drinking water for the camps.

Our staff on the ground in Indonesia are assessing the need to construct a new SOS Children’s Village.

“Currently there is still no official number of the children orphaned by the disaster - SOS Children is working in just one sub-district in Banda Aceh where 20 refugee camps are located and have already identified 130 children who have lost both of their parents. In Banda Aceh in total there are about 300 refugee camps” Mr. Gregor Hadi Nitihardjo, National Director SOS -Indonesia.


“Families have been devastated by the tsunami - SOS Children’s Villages is committing to raise $13 million dollars to long-term tsunami victim assistance, including child relief centres in southern India, new villages in Indonesia and Sri Lanka, monetary grants to families throughout the region to rebuild their livelihoods, and care for thousands of families and orphaned children - always trying to keep surviving siblings together, which is something SOS Children’s Villages tries to do when caring for the children they serve in 132 countries around the world.” Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York.

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