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Make a regular donation

Regular donations are of enormous value to us as a charity. They are the most cost effective way to fund our work, and are especially important for programmes like our AIDS Orphans community programmes where we do not offer children for sponsorship since we aim for an absolute maximum number of children helped with every pound given. Even if you feel you could only afford a few pounds a month, we would strongly encourage you to donate this way; it is the easiest and most cost effective way to give.

As a long term charity, which maintains a commitment to the children we help until they are independent, we particularly value regular donations. We want to be able to reassure children that we will be there for them as they grow independent. If you are able to make a regular donation, however small, it will make a real difference to children's lives. If you would like the regular donation to go to any particular area or programme, such as AIDS Orphans in Africa, then enter this into the instructions box on the online form.

You can arrange to start making regular donations online using direct debit . That saves you filling in a regular donation form and saves us from re-typing information. You are free to cancel at any time and can easily contact us if you would like to become a friend or sponsor with the money or change the way we communicate with you.

Become a "Friend"

If you are able to make a regular donation of £10 each month you can join "SOS Friends" if you wish. Some people who could sponsor prefer this form of donation, perhaps because they wish to avoid our administration costs of running sponsorship, or perhaps they do not want personal contact with a sponsored child or they think they may only be able to give for a few years. Making a regular gift as an SOS Children’s Friend is a particularly special way to support our work. Thanks to our monthly donors, we know we’ve got an income we can rely on and this lets us budget ahead for the children's future.

As an SOS Children's Friend, you will be regularly updated on the stories and pictures that come from villages around the world. You will receive three newsletters and a twice yearly Friends bulletin informing you of all recent developments in our programmes in 125 countries.

SOS Supporter Prunella Scales

“These adorable children need all the friends we can find for them”
says Prunella Scales, a supporter of SOS Children.

See Mrs Elizabeth Matthews' account of what her regular donation means to her.

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