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Putian, China

To support this village means caring for 120 children

Putian is on China’s south east coast. SOS Children's Village Putian was the seventh SOS Children's Village to be built in China and the first children moved in during 2000. Many people in Putian live on the bare minimum they need to exist – children are those that suffer most in these situations and many are abandoned.

15 SOS Mums guarantee a family atmosphere and security for the children

15 SOS Mums at SOS Children's Village Putian cares for 120 children. They give the children lots of affection and love. There is also an SOS Nursery School for 120 pupils from the SOS Children's Village and the local community. Children from the SOS Children's Village attend the local primary and secondary schools.

Support the children in their local community

Showing your support for the children at Putian means that together we can prepare children for an independent life and help them be a part of their local community.

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