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Privacy Policy

Protection of children
As a child charity we try to protect the privacy of our children and avoid giving too much information on individual children in our general publications. We have a clearance process for use of photos and avoid in general using the children's real names (except for the personal information sent to child sponsors). We only use photos where we have relevant permission. Some photos used on our website are of children who have since grown up, and are no longer recognisable.

Charity Data protection policy
We only send mail, whether by post or electronically, to people who have indicated that they are happy to hear from us. We give everyone an opportunity to state their preferences on our use of their details and strictly respect those preferences. Please contact us if you would like to change your preferences.

Personal data that SOS Children collects is not distributed, shared, rented or sold to companies or organisations that are not a part of the SOS Children's organisational structure.

We also try to avoid sending emotive or "negative" messages or images to people (and especially never send "Chate" or Charity "Hate mail"). We receive plenty of very sad stories in our office from field workers dealing with African Aids orphans etc but we feel that most people are aware that there are cases of desperate need, and find "in your face" appeals intrusive. We try to ensure that people receive good news about some of the positive progress being made for vulnerable children by SOS Children.

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