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The Pakistan Supporters' Group

The SOS Children's Villages Pakistan Supporters’ Group was formed in 1996 to support SOS Children's Villages in Pakistan. Since its establishment, the group has raised considerable sums of money and made a huge contribution to raising both awareness and the profile of the charity in the UK.

Ayesha Khan, Chair of the group explains about what the Pakistan Supporters' Group does and how it works:

What we do

Children at the SOS Children's Village Rawalpindi, Pakistan

The Pakistan Supporters' Group:

  • is a direct link between the UK and SOS Children's Villages in Pakistan (

  • raises money for SOS Children's work in Pakistan

  • sponsors orphans in SOS Children's Villages throughout Pakistan

How we have helped

Thanks to the loyalty and generosity of our supporters we have been able to transfer over £400,000 to Pakistan in donations and sponsorships enabling us to fund the construction of family homes in Multan, Muzaffrabad and Sargodha and a community centre in the SOS Children's Village Sialkot. We sponsor over 115 children in different villages in Pakistan.

Kashmir Earthquake

SOS Pakistan is the only charity authorised by the Pakistan government to take care of children orphaned as a result of the earthquake. Following the earthquake, SOS Pakistan began relief efforts within 48 hours of the disaster. Aware that children who have been displaced could find themselves on the streets, or worse fall into the wrong hands, they began sending search and rescue teams to the affected areas.

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf recently said in an interview that “SOS Children’s Villages is the best custodian of our Kashmiri children”. With over 30 years experience in transforming the lives of children who have no homes, SOS is the only trusted home for these children. They have lost everything, but with your support have so much to gain.

We cannot replace their loved ones and their shattered lives but we can take those vulnerable beings and help rebuild their lives and give them back love and hope and dreams.

‘We are proud to be making a difference to so many lives and we re-affirm our commitment to give the children a fair chance in life, by providing them with love, dignity and the opportunity to realize their potential.

‘There is no greater satisfaction than seeing a homeless, neglected child, whose world has turned upside down, transformed into a productive member of society. You are helping us make this possible and, as the journey continues, we look forward to your being there with us.’ Souriya Anwar President SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan

See our PDF to support relief in Pakistan.


For more information about how to get in touch with the Pakistan Supporters' Group and your local representative, please see our pakistan supporters contact page. Here is a PDF donation form for you to download and use.

How to get involved

There are many ways you can help we have a selection of ideas for on how to get involved.

Sponsorship case study

Find out more about sponsoring a child here.

Thanks to our supporters

A big thank you to everyone who has held and event, raised funds or supported the charity. Find out more here.

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