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Village in Azad, Kashmir to Receive Support


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A remote village in Azad Kashmir is to receive assistance because of Shaukat Ali who grew up in the SOS Children's Village in Lahore, Pakistan, following the death of his parents. Shaukat Ali is from Nurpur Nakran, a small village high up in the mountains of Azad Kashmir, which is some 14 miles from Muzaffarabad and consists of 35 houses. At the age of twelve, Shaukat was admitted to the SOS Children's Village. When he left the organisation's care at the age of eighteen, Shaukat was engaged in a few odd jobs in Lahore, before returning to his home village where he set up a small shop with the help of his uncle.

One year ago, Shaukat visited his former family at the SOS Children's Village in Lahore. From the story he told, it became clear to the organisation that Shaukat's business was not doing well due to a lack of capital. He did not ask SOS Children's Villages for assistance, however, it was arranged that he would receive 10,000 rupees (approximately € 140) from one of the many "Friends of SOS Children's Villages", which he could use to give his business a much-needed boost.

Approximately two weeks after the devastating 8 October earthquake which ripped through large areas of Northern Pakistan, Shaukat trekked down to Islamabad from Nurpur Nakran. He and his wife Mumtaz had survived the earthquake, however, their small shop and small home had collapsed. His shop had been doing well before the earthquake, and he had even been able to purchase a sewing machine for his wife, who had been supplementing their income with sewing jobs.

On the day of the earthquake, Shaukat had been cleaning his shop when suddenly there was fearful noise and the earth began to shudder - first in one direction and then in the other. He and his wife ran out of their shop just before it slid down the hillside. In fact, all the houses in the area collapsed and 30 of the approximately 150 inhabitants were killed, including Shaukat's uncle and cousin.

Shaukat told SOS Children's Villages that his immediate need was for a tarpaulin. However, as all the roads leading up to Nurpur Nakran have been destroyed, and Shaukat was unable to transport the tarpaulin by foot, SOS Children's Villages provided him with monetary assistance to help him and his wife rebuild their home.

SOS Children's Villages also assured Shaukat that the organisation would assist the surviving inhabitants of Nurpur Nakran to resettle once the village is accessible by road. Who would have thought that one day a remote village in Azad Kashmir would be receiving help thanks to Shaukat.

Emergency Relief Shelter In Rawalpindi / Muzaffarabad

A further six orphaned children arrived at the shelter of SOS Children's Villages on the 28th October. Some seven children are expected to arrive at the shelter on the 29th October.

Emergency Relief Goods

Another truck of emergency goods will be sent up to Muzaffarabad today, including bedding material such as blankets and mattresses, as well as other goods stored at the warehouse of SOS Children in Islamabad.


On the 26 October, SOS Children's Villages of Pakistan sent up the following vaccines to Muzaffarabad:

* 1000 Tetanus Vaccines
* 1000 Katamine Vaccines - Local anaesthesia
* 2000 Alchoholic Swabs
* 2000 Syringes

Of the 1000 Tetanus vaccines, 900 were handed over to the army at the Muzaffarabad base camp. 100 Tetanus vaccines were administered by two SOS nurses, one doctor and one dispenser to the government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. There are plans to also send Hepatitis A vaccines within the next days. The Katamine vaccine (local anaesthesia) was handed over to the Army medical staff in Muzaffarabad.
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