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Endorsed by people you know

Well known UK personalities who support our work and have said they are happy giving a public endorsement include:

Mick Hucknall

SOS sponsor Mick Hucknall

"I support the SOS Children charity because it exists to provide homes, support, education and a chance for a normal life to orphaned children. If you feel able to, I would encourage you to make a donation to this charity, however small - just a few pounds will make all the difference to a child in need. If you can make a regular donation please consider sponsoring a child, and help to ensure his or her future."

Stephen Hawking

SOS sponsor Stephen Hawking

Professor Stephen Hawking has been a supporter of SOS Children for many years now. "In 1997 we visited our SOS daughter in Hanoi, Vietnam and were very impressed by the love and stability given to the children living there."

Prunella Scales

SOS supporter Prunella Scales

"The wonderful thing about SOS Children is that it helps with almost every aspect of the children's needs. Yes, it provides them with food and shelter, but it's also there to help with their education and to cope with emotional trauma." says Prunella Scales, a loyal supporter of SOS Children.

Richard Attenborough

SOS sponsor Richard Attenborough

Lord Richard Attenborough has been a friend of SOS Children for many years. During his visit to SOS Children's Village in Cape Town in 1999 he addressed the children saying,
"We are responsible for your well-being, and we promise to do our best to achieve it."

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