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Niger is historically the gateway between North and sub-Saharan Africa. In 1960, it achieved independence from the French. Since then, political instability and frequent drought has created one of the poorest countries in the world. Its main export has been uranium; its food production is affected by the encroaching desert. The outcome is that the average daily income is less than 50p per person. Literacy rates are among the lowest in the world with as few as a third of children receiving any primary education. The health system is basic with the inevitable spread of disease.

With the breakdown of the traditional family structure, SOS Children's Villages began in 1990 to work with the government of Niger to establish the first SOS Children's Village in the outskirts of the capital, Niamey. The village opened in 1993 and consists of 10 family houses which are home to 130 children. In addition there is a kindergarten and a primary school, which provide education for children from the local community as well as the children of the SOS Children's Village.

As part of its commitment to strengthening the family, SOS Children's Villages in Niger has established a Social Centre in Niamey which will support families and their communities affected by HIV/AIDS. In addition, an emergency relief programme has been set up in Tahoua about 350 miles north of Niamey to help relieve the suffering caused by the long term famine in niger. About 9,000 children, many of them orphans, will benefit. In the longer term, SOS Children's Villages will establish a second village near Tahoua to provide long term care for children who have no one to care for them.

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Villages d'enfants SOS du Niger
Quartier Dar-Es-Salaam / Niamey
B.P 11649 Niamey, Niger
Tel: +227/75 28 98 or +227/75 26 72
Fax: + 227/75 25 45

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