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Madagascar is the world's fourth-largest island, off the coast of Mozambique in southern Africa. It is one of the world's poorest countries, with widespread chronic malnutrition and under-funded health and education facilities, despite being a tourist paradise. A high annual population growth rate and subsequent migration from rural areas in search of employment has increased the problems in urban areas, with the growth of large slum areas where many children live on the streets.

The charity began working in Madagascar in 1990 when the first community was built in Vontovorona, about 20kms south of the capital Antananarivo. Initially seven family houses were built, but there are now fourteen as well as two youth houses where the older children live while they are takng their first guided steps towards independence. In 1995 a farm was set up to provide agricultural training. The two year programme includes stock farming, reforestation and sericulture. Fruit and vegetables and sheep, poultry and rabbits reared on the farm are used in the Children's communities.

Care and assistance for the wider community in Madagascar is also provided by SOS Children's Villages. The kindergarten in the village is attended by children from families in the neighbourhood; the local schools have been subsidised by SOS and wells have been constructed in surrounding villages. An SOS day care centre was opened in 1998 in Anosibé, a suburb of Antananarivo, where over sixty children are given hot meals and pre-school education.

SOS Children Mangarano, Madagascar's second community, opened in 1999 in a densely populated area a short distance from the centre of Toamasina (Tamatave), the largest port on the north east coast. The twelve one-storey family houses have been specially built to withstand the cyclones and tornadoes which frequently affect the island. The village has a kindergarten and a medical centre for the SOS families and people in the local community. Children from the community attend the local schools. Further facilities planned for Mangarano include a youth house and a vocational training and production centre.

SOS Children of Madagascar

SOS Children Antsirabe opened in 2003. Antsirabe, a rapidly growing city south of the capital, Antananarivo, has attracted many migrants from rural areas who have settled in large slum areas on the outskirts. The village has twelve family houses and a kindergarten and medical centre, both of which are used by the local community.

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Villages d'Enfants SOS de Madagascar, Près Hotel Panorama Andrainarivo, BP 6062, Antananarivo
Tel: +261/ 20 /22 41827
Fax: +261/ 20 22 41 828

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