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Letter to Santa Claus from Mercy* at SOS Children’s Village Tema, Ghana


Hello, Santa Claus,

How do you do and how are those who help you?

My name is Mercy, I am twelve years old and I live in the SOS Children's Village Tema, Ghana. I know you are preparing to make children happy for Christmas because children wish for toys, picnics, parties and so many other gifts.

I am very happy that I have got an opportunity to be in the SOS Children's Village Tema because, I will attend parties, get new clothes, shoes and other gifts every child wishes to have for Christmas.

But, I am also sad for the children who are in the streets and have to live there and not enjoy the love we get here in the village during Christmas. Christmas is a time for children to be happy and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ but, they will be in streets, struggling through all situations to get some shelter, without much hope or faith.

For Christmas, I would like to receive story books like one's written by Ann. M. Martin and Francine Pascals, also candies, a small children's lap top and what ever you can afford.

I wish and want for my SOS mother all she wishes for to have as a mother, the joy and love a mother can have because without a mother, there is nobody who can stand in for her, and love you like how she does.

I feel so sorry for the needy children because through no fault of theirs, they are in the streets. I think they are suffering very much for only one reason that is to see tomorrow. They wake up in the morning wondering what today has in store for them. I feel very sorry for them. Santa Claus, please, help them and let them enjoy Christmas.

Your daughter,

* name has been changed to protect her privacy

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