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Middle East Crisis: Surviving in Lebanon


It is now 28 days since the war between Lebanon and Israel began, which in Lebanon has left over 1000 dead, 3000 injured and more than 1 million displaced, 30% of whom are children under the age of 12.

Devastation and deprivation continue to afflict the country. Last Friday, the main bridges connecting the north of the country to Beirut were all destroyed, with the remaining population being advised against all but essential travel.

The national fuel reserve is almost empty, contributing to major countrywide cuts in electricity. Particularly affected by these power cuts are the hospitals, which face the disturbing prospect of being unable to deliver vital medical services.

Putting on a brave face: displaced children in Lebanon

SOS Children has been striving to secure essentials for the children at our SOS Children's Villages and Youth Homes in the country. Fortunately all members of the SOS family are still safe and we have been able to secure essential reserves of fuel, food and drugs.

Despite the critical circumstances that SOS Children’s Village Ksarnaba continues to face, SOS staff are still organising daily activities for the children to help overcome their fears and anxiety during the ongoing bombings.

In the north, SOS Children’s family strengthening programme continues to provide support to families displaced by the war. Yesterday morning, 50 units of baby milk and nappies were distributed to over 200 children. Whilst the supplies were being distributed, children gathered round, each with his or her own story to tell.

Nour, a three-year-old who fled with her family from the south, talked about a friend she had had to leave behind in her badly damaged village. The girl was convinced that she had seen her friend on television, “She was lying there on the ground and crying for help.” Nour's mother confirmed that the friend had been shown on television and did sadly pass away.

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