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Keepy Uppy Challenge 2007


Take part in the SOS Keepy Uppy Challenge and support children in Angola!

Take part in the SOS Keepy Uppy Challenge and support children in Angola

SOS Children and The Great Football Giveaway are travelling to Angola this summer to give some of the poorest and most disadvantaged children on the planet the chance to enjoy the world’s favourite sport. We'll be distributing footballs to schools and SOS Children's Villages throughout June, but only with your help!

Why footballs?

Being able to play with a real football might be a once in a lifetime pleasure for some of the children we’re hoping to reach in Angola.

But it’s not just about giving the kids some well earned fun. Ensuring that schools are stocked with footballs increases attendance overnight, and encourages children who’ve dropped out and are on the streets to enrol and complete their education.

Why Angola?

Angola is an oil and diamond rich country in southern African, but having suffered 27 years of civil war, it’s one of the world’s poorest countries. The facts make harsh reading:

  • over 4 million people displaced from their home areas

  • more than 100,000 children separated from their families

  • at least 750,000 children lost one or both of their parents

  • 60% of the population are children. Over 50% are out of school

  • there are still as many landmines as children in Angola

But the people there are fighters and absolutely love football - the national side qualified for its first ever World Cup in 2006 and the country went mad!

Get involved

To find out how you can support The Great Football Giveaway to Angola and take part in the Keepy Uppy challenge, have a look at our special Keepy Uppy section.

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