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The island state of Jamaica is in the West Indies. Its political stability, beautiful scenery and rich culture - best known for its reggae music - contrast sharply with widespread crime and poverty. Children account for 39 per cent of Jamaica's population of 2.6 million and 43 per cent of all poor, most of whom are in rural areas.

The charity began working in Jamaica in 1972 when the first community was built about 15 km from the city of Montego Bay, the island's leading tourist centre on Jamaica's northern coast. SOS Children Barrett Town has seven family houses and two youth houses which were added in 1988 for the older children about to embark on an independent life. An SOS kindergarten was established in 1995 for both the SOS and local children.

SOS Children opened a community at Stony Hill, in 1984 on the outskirts of the capital, Kingston. The thirteen family houses are built around a large, old building which is now used as a community centre and have stunning views over the city and the harbour. Youth houses for the older boys and girls were added later, as well as a kindergarten.
With the population of Stony Hill increasing rapidly, many local schools were becoming chronically overcrowded, often with more than 50 pupils in a class and a School was built alongside the village in 2002, providing places for 200 children, most of whom are from the local community.

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SOS Children in Jamaica:
SOS CV Jamaica Foundation,
26 Peter-Pan Avenue,
P.O. Box 654,
Montego Bay 2,
St James,
Tel: +1/876/95 26 215
Fax: +1/876/97 95 855

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