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Indonesian earthquake - A Day in Imogiri


The death toll continues to rise following Saturday's devastating earthquake that hit the Yogyakarta area of Java, Indonesia, but teams of SOS staff continue to provide emergency assistance to the many thousands of survivors.

One of our colleagues in the field reports on the situation in the affected areas:

Bandung, 31 May 2006

As we travelled around the affected areas, we paid a visit to the small village of Imogiri. The surviving children and parents gathered around us as we introduced ourselves and distributed writing and drawing materials and story books.

Slowly they started to talk of their despair, sorrow and loss of loved ones during the disaster. It was very difficult for them to explain their grief, so we suggested that they share their stories by putting it down on paper. To lighten the mood, we started playing games and sang songs together. Soon enough, they were willing to share their difficult time with us through group therapy. This afternoon, they will draw pictures and paste.

Many organisations and individuals have showed their concern by donating whatever means they could give; for example a truck full of tents, a total of 321 tents, which we will distribute to the many people left homeless. Lunch was cooked by the SOS youths, who had accompanied us on the trip, and was greatly appreciated by the villagers, and tonight we will serve them milk and mung beans.
Approaching its fourth day after the Yogyakarta earthquake disaster, improvements have finally been made to the refugee camp at Bantul village. There are now many more decent tents, drinking water, and clean toilets and washing facilities. The refugees' health is better and the medicines are readily supplied. These facilities were finally provided by the Logistics Department of the Local Government.

SOS Children’s emergency relief activities are now focussing on medium and long-term support for the survivors and the organisation is in the process of establishing a children's trauma centre to help children cope with their experiences.

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