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HSBC and SOS Children in five year partnership


Future First - HSBC's new education project, partnering SOS Children

HSBC today announced SOS Children’s Villages as its main partner in a new USD10 million initiative to combat child poverty around the world. The five-year initiative will focus on providing education and life skills to disadvantaged and vulnerable children around the world, strengthening communities for the future.

Thanks to a common presence in 47 countries around the world and almost 60 years’ experience in caring for orphaned and abandoned children, SOS Children’s Villages was an obvious choice to partner HSBC in this new project, which will target street children and those for whom poverty deprives them of an education and the chance to become contributing members of society.

Dame Mary Richardson, Chief Executive of the HSBC Global Education Trust said, “We think this is going to make a measurable difference in the lives of some of the most marginalised and impoverished members of society. HSBC believes financial institutions have a role to play in helping to integrate youth from disadvantaged backgrounds into the fabric of society, not only to improve the quality of their lives, but also so they can be fully active citizens who contribute to the economic prosperity of their local communities.”

The partnership is an exciting opportunity for the charity, whose educational and community support projects will be financed through the Future First funds. Andrew, Cates, Chief Executive of SOS Children’s Villages UK, commented, “I am delighted that our charity has the opportunity of working with HSBC to provide an education, vocational skills and basic but vital support, to ensure a secure future for children and their families for generations to come care, making the world a better place for children.”

You can find out further information about SOS Children's partnership with HSBC on the website or by contacting Jenny Townsend,

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