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Girls' right to an education

Girls have the right to education! That is the message of this poem by 19-year-old Ndey, currently studying at the SOS School in Bakoteh, The Gambia.

In The Gambia, just like in a number of other African countries, many girls are still kept at home to help with daily chores or are taken out of school to be married. Even though the government is doing its best to promote and support education for girls, early marriage is still not forbidden by the law and the only way to bring about change is to increase awareness of this issue.

Join Ndey's fight and help spread her message!

Mama! School! School!

Can't I pound flour after school?!
Can't I cook after school?!
Can't I sell after school?!

All children, including girls, have the right to an education

I can launder after school!
I can sweep after school!
I can fetch water after school!

Say "yes" mama; let me go to school!
Am I really no longer a child?
I am fourteen years old!
Marriage can wait for me, I'm sure.

Oh Mama, please don't take me out of school
Don't take my brother
And leave me behind,
I want to read and write like him.

Oh Mama, please don't leave me behind,
I want to be a teacher!
I want to be a doctor!
I want to be an engineer and a pilot too!

Mama, Oh Mama! Please take me back to school!

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