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Discovering Vietnam


Children living on the street will benefit from the new SOS Children's Village Dong Hoi, Vietnam

A new family with SOS Children

One of the 6 new villages being built as part of the SOS/FIFA ‘6 villages for 2006’ campaign we highlight our new village at Dong Hoi, Vietnam.

SOS Children cares for over 16,000 children in Vietnam and has 11 SOS Children’s Villages in the country. A twelfth is being built in this year at Dong Hoi, one of the poorest towns in Central Vietnam. Sometimes parents are so poor they cannot look after their children so the children live on the streets instead and beg for food and money. Other children are sent out to work. Government figures suggest there are over 21,000 children living on the streets in Vietnam.

Over 50% of people in Vietnam live on less than 65p a day.
120 children will be given a new family at the SOS Children’s Village in Dong Hoi. An SOS Nursery School is also being constructed and will enable 180 children from both the SOS Children’s Village and the town to access pre school education.

Dreaming of a footballing future in Vietnam

A Wayne Rooney in the making?

In November 2000 Loi and his brother Sang came to live at SOS Children's Village Go Vap near Ho Chi Minh City. Loi loves playing football and today he plays in all the matches in his district. He has won a silver medal and seven gold medals in local competitions. Loi practices a lot and has had coaching to improve his skills.

Loi is a fast runner. His favourite football players are Quyen and David Backham and in every match he likes to wear football shirt number 9. Like other football fans Loi collects many photos of different football players or football teams and these can be found everywhere on this study table or in his closet. He loves watching all the football games on TV too.

Many people in the city know about Loi and his love of football. "I want to become a professional football player" is Loi's reply when asked about his dreams.

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