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Sponsor a Child with SOS Children - Direct Debit

Thank you for your interest in offering regular support to orphaned and abandoned children around the world with sponsorship. The minimum donation for child sponsorship is 20/month. If you cannot afford this, please consider making a smaller regular donation. You can become an SOS friend for a minimum of 10 per month or make a regular donation for a minimum of 5 per month. Please visit the secure sponsorship page of our website if you would like to make a regular commitment online with a Direct Debit. If you live in the Canada or the USA these alternative contacts may help:

SOS Children's Villages Canada
200-244 Rideau Street
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1N 5Y3
Tel.: 613-232-3309
Toll-Free (in Canada): 1-800-767-5111
Canada child sponsorship.

SOS Children's Villages-USA
1200 G Street NW. Suite 550
Washington, DC 2005
(202) 347-7920
(888) SOS-4-KIDS
USA child sponsorship

To visit these page requires an internet connection.

What is involved in a Sponsorship?

If you have any queries, or would like to make a Direct Debit over the phone, please phone us on 01223 365589 or write to SOS Children, St Andrew's House, 59 St Andrew's Street, Cambridge CB2 3BZ.

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