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Children in Conflict


Emergency Relief Programme, Gulu, Uganda

SOS Children is working at Gulu, in Northern Uganda, to provide emergency services for children affected by conflict. We are providing temporary shelter for children orphaned by the conflict, trauma services for women and girls kidnapped and abused by rebel forces and we are running a programme to reunite children with their families and reintegrate them into their traditional society.

Internal Refugee Programme, Malakal, Sudan

SOS Children is operating a child soldier programme in Malakal, South Sudan, an area where thousands of child soldiers have arrived seeking assistance to find their families and a future. SOS Children is providing the children with medical check-ups, food, clothes, shelter and psychological therapy. In addition, SOS Children is setting up a family tracing and reunification programme to help reunite child soldiers with their long lost families. Also child soldiers do not have ID cards therefore excluding them from access to education. SOS Children is setting up an education ‘Back to School’ campaign.

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