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Photographic Expression

SOS Children, Colombia

I like it a lot because it is the place where we have fun and where we can often be together with our friends ... I feel that I can find another friend and cultivate our friendship.
Ladia, f, 11 years; Colombia

(me gusta mucho porque es donde nos divertimos y podemos compartir en muchas ocasiones con nuestros siento que voy a conseguir como otro amigo o que voy a llevar la amistad ..a que el amigo se la lleve más conmigo
Ladia, f, 11 años )

All these photographs and text come from research conducted by SOS Children's Village Hermann Gmeiner Academy. Copyright is reserved and no unauthorized use permitted. Use for non-commercial purposes may be requested. The photographs form part of an interesting study in children's photograph expression, using children living in SOS Children's communities worldwide. The report on the study is available here.

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