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Photographic Expression

SOS Children photographic expression

Case Studies: India
Priti's dog
This photo became a reference point for the group. The dog was seen in the Park and Priti took the photo as it ran across a piece of neglected ground on the other side of a fence. The dog came to represent something of a free spirit, though generally stray dogs frighten the children (rightly, as they often carry rabies).

This and the next picture were two of the few pictures that were associated with the photographer. In both cases, though the images are very different, they are expressive and say something about the point of view and character of the girl who took each photo.
researcher's comment

All these photographs and text come from research conducted by SOS Children's Village Hermann Gmeiner Academy. Copyright is reserved and no unauthorized use permitted. Use for non-commercial purposes may be requested. The photographs form part of an interesting study in children's photograph expression, using children living in SOS Children's communities worldwide. The report on the study is available here.
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