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Photographic Expression

SOS Children photographic expression

Case Studies: India
children's comments :

Fun Park: The Breakdance
I was scared because when it started I thought we would fall off the edge. I feel like crying because I am scared but instead of crying I am laughing, then I am crying, then I am laughing again. When it finished I was happy but I did not go on the second time.

The games were all different. Some made you scared and some made you happy. I enjoyed them all but I think I liked the Breakdance best. I felt a little scared but I was enjoying it the second time. I enjoyed feeling scared and enjoying it but I was waiting for it to stop.
The first time everyone was scared. I told everyone to come but the first time they didn't enjoy it. Since Shobha told them they went the second time and this time it made me enjoy it a lot. Shobha was telling my friend not to get scared also Shobha was very brave in it so we would not be scared. This is why I love this picture.

The first time it was very scary. The second time I tried it I enjoyed it and liked it a lot.

All these photographs and text come from research conducted by SOS Children's Village Hermann Gmeiner Academy. Copyright is reserved and no unauthorized use permitted. Use for non-commercial purposes may be requested. The photographs form part of an interesting study in children's photograph expression, using children living in SOS Children's communities worldwide. The report on the study is available here.

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