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Thank you to our challenge supporters!

Here are just a few examples of the challenges achieved by our brilliant supporters!

Rory, Will and Nick tackling the Sahara Desert

Marathon des Sables
Rory Penn, Will Burr and Nick Gray raised a staggering £78,000 for a new nursery school in Malawi thanks to their efforts in this year's Marathon des Sables - a six day endurance race across the Sahara Desert.

Flora London Marathon Runners

London 10km Run on Sunday 2 July 2006

Great Scottish Walk - Sunday 18 June 2006
Huge thanks to John and Ron who took part in the annual walk in Edinburgh and raised a fantastic £1200

Stephen Armstrong on one of the 58 peaks

58 @ 58

Between 15 May and 8 June Stephen Armstrong celebrated his 58th birthday by climbing all of the 58 Lakeland Fells over 2500ft.

Mont Blanc Marathon
Johnny Chatterton completed the race up Europe's highest mountain on 25 June.

Ecuador Motorbike Ride
Bikers trekked their way through Ecuador, raising valuable funds for SOS Children's work in the country.

Rund from the Sun: Chris with children at an SOS Children's Village, Vietnam

Run from the Sun
Rory Elliot and Chris Colling set off on their bikes from Beijing in August 2005 and, despite a bit of trouble with the snow in Turkey, made it back to the UK in March.

Everest Max
The EVERESTMAX expedition saw the first team of people journey from the the lowest point on earth to the highest - the last great overland challenge on the Earth's surface.

The team departed from the Dead Sea on the 21st of December 2005 and cycled through eight countries to reach Everest Base Camp on 12th of April 2006. The team was joined by 8 additional climbers and spent 7 weeks on the mountain culminating in 3 of the 5 cyclists reaching the summit. They completed a total ascent of 9300m (about 30,250ft), the highest climb possible on Earth. Congratulations to the team for achieving this magnificent challenge and for raising vital funds along the way.

Mark Daniell & Roly Denman sets themselves the challenge of climbing the Great Aconcagua at 22,840ft (almost 7000m) the highest mountain in the world, outside the Himalayas and have so far raised over £6,000 for SOS Children.

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