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Photographer Gail Ward presents an exhibition of her visit to SOS Children's Village Belarus, 21 years on from the Chernobyl disaster


Child at SOS Children's Village Belarus

Gail Ward, photographer and SOS Children's Village supporter, will be exhibiting 12 of her amazing photographs from SOS Children’s Villages Belarus at Chichester Library between 16th - 29th April 2007.

The exhibition marks the 21st anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Gail writes, 'The children I met in Belarus have much to contend with. Not only have they suffered neglect, tragedy or trauma, they are also growing up in the shadow of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear explosion. As a result of this disaster, there are ongoing economical, health and psychological repercussions. Many people in Belarus suffer from health and dietary implications. I met little children who don’t yet understand how ill they are, and teenagers, whose determined approach to living with recurring oncological disease was moving and humbling.'

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