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Algeria is the second largest country in Africa. On the shores of the Mediterranean, it borders Tunisia, Libya, Niger, Mali, Mauritania and Morocco. Like most of the Sahara region, it has been populated since the early Stone Age. French colonisation began in 1827 and after a bitter war of independence with France lasting eight years, Algeria became independent in 1962.

Unlike many African countries, Algeria is relatively highly industrialised, the leading industry being hydrocarbons. Crude oil and liquified natural gas are the main exports. Unemployment is high though and the overall standard of living remains very low. Despite its many social and economic problems, Algeria has been very successful in implementing an education policy and over 70 per cent of Algerian children are enrolled in school, which is the highest rate in the developing world.


Following the earthquake in Algeria in 1980, supported by donors, SOS Children offered to build a community to help victims of the catastrophe, for which the government provided the land. In 1984, a new agreement was signed between the Algerian government and SOS Children which led to the construction of a new, replacement SOS Children's community in Draria, a suburb of Algiers, which was completed in 1990.

The SOS Children's community Al Achour/Draria is 13 kilometres south of the city of Algiers, a city of around 4 million people. The village has ten family houses which are home to over 90 children and their SOS mothers. It also has a youth house for the older children completing their education or training and taking their first guided steps towards independence. For the younger children there is a kindergarten which is also used by families in the local community. The older children attend local schools.

Following a further earthquake in May, 2003 which claimed over 2000 lives and left thousands more homeless, SOS Children established an emergency aid programme, providing food and temporary shelter and accommodation.

Local Contact

SOS Children in Algeria
Association Algérienne des Villages d'Enfants SOS, Tribu Zitouni, 16003 Draria, Algeria
Tel: +213 2130 7642

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