South Africa

South Africa has one of the higest incidences of HIV/AIDS - 21.5% of the adult population. In addition it is esotimated that there are over 1 million AIDS orphans which is half of all orphans.
SOS Children's Villages has worked specifically on projects supporting families affected by HIV/AIDS since January 2002 based on its seven SOS Children's Villages. In addition it has established one pilot project to focus on community support with plans for a further two depending on the outcome of the pilot project.


Mamelodi: 90 families with children affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic receive direct support with their educational, medical and food needs. Key areas include HIV/AIDS prevention/awareness campaigns, life skills training on how to live with HIV/AIDS.

Ennerdale: As well as the community support programme where support and assistance (food-parcels, clothing, education, counselling, medical care, income generating activities) is given to 350 children/families affected by HIV/AIDS, other activities include:

  • A Youth Arts and Cultural Programme - an HIV Drama presented three times a week.

  • PLWA (People Living With AIDS) Support Group - counselling, support, food

  • Young Mothers’ Support Group - personal hygiene, how to care for a baby, breastfeeding.

  • Behavioural Change Programme - sexuality, use of condoms and abstention.

Cape Town: The programme supports 100 needy families in townships around the SOS Children's Village, working in conjunction with local community organisations. This includes: parental training to carers, training on income-generating activities, payment of tuition for school children, ongoing counselling support to the children/families, health/medical support for ill children, food parcels and basic clothing.

Port Elisabeth: The Community Development Programme works in the Walmer Township close to the SOS Children's Village, working in partnership with community based organisations. The 170 beneficiaries of the programme receive food-parcels, clothing, help with school fees and medical care. In the Missionvale community SOS Children's Villages is helping to improve the kindergarten.

Pietermaritzburg: The Community Programme, working with the Department of Social Welfare, supports 200 child-headed families in communities around the SOS Children's Village by providing monthly food parcels, clothing, school fees and uniforms, food for infants who are HIV positive. In addition, twelve individuals from HIV/AIDS affected families are given basic sewing skills and business management skills, additionally they are provided with lunch and bus fare on a day to day basis. The main aim is to help them to start their own small businesses in their communities. The third part of the community programme currently helps six local kindergartens - teaching materials, food, building work.

Nelspruit: The SOS Social Centre Nelspruit works with the Tekwane Home Based Care Group, to help 50 families affected by HIV/AIDS.

Umtata: SOS Children's Villages is working with the local hospice to help 350 families and their children who are affected by HIV/AIDS. This includes clothing, food and blankets, school fees and uniforms, income generating possibilities as well as psychosocial and emotional support. In addition the SOS Social Centre in Umtata is running an HIV/AIDS Information/Resource Centre, working with an HIV/AIDS support group. Workshops are organised in local schools on HIV/AIDS awareness, sexuality. Secondary school students, who are HIV+, are given referrals and support.

Qwa Qwa: A new project is being piloted to test the effectiveness of a low-cost community-based SOS Children's Village (four family houses with 24 children) to care for and support HIV/AIDS orphans. In addition support is given to 500 children in 125 families in the wider community. The project director works closely with the local community, which takes an active role in running the project.

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