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w:Voivodships of the Republic of Both Nations. The names of the voivodships are in Polish.

In Polish the voivodships and other units of administrative division are traditionally referred to with their adjective forms, i.e. Płock Voivodship is referred to as (Województwo) Płockie (Literally Plockian voivodship), Podole Voivodship as (Województwo) Podolskie (literally Podolian Voivodship) and so on.

The areas marked with light pink were lost to:

  • Brandenburg in the treaties of Welawa and Bydgoszcz in 1657
  • Sweden and Brandenburg in the treaty of Oliwa in 1660
  • Muscovy in the Treaty of Andruszów in 1667
  • Muscovy in the Grzymułtowski's Peace Treaty of 1686
Deutsch: die polnisch-litauische de:Rzeczpospolita (Adelsrepublik)

The following is a list of maps created by Halibutt and uploaded to commons, as well as their present and projected derivatives.

Parent Image Image Description
  Maps by Halibutt
Image:Rzeczpospolita.png Image:Rzeczpospolita.png The Republic in 17th and 18th century
Image:Rzeczpospolita 1600.png The Republic after the Treaty of Dywilino
Image:Rzeczpospolita voivodships.png Voivodships of The Republic
Image:Rzeczpospolita_Potop.png The Republic during The Deluge and Chmielnicki Uprising, with major battles of the era marked
Magnates and their lands and domains
1st • 2nd • 3rd Partitions of Poland
War of the constitution
Image:Rzeczpospolita.xcf SOURCE FILE - GIMP format
Image:Poland 1939.png Image:Poland 1939.png Poland in 1939
Image:Dywizje wrzesien 1.png Order of Battle on September 1st, during the Polish Defence War of 1939
Image:Poland 1939.xcf SOURCE FILE - GIMP format
Image:Polska kontur bialy.png Image:Polska kontur bialy.png Contour map of Poland AD 1999, for use with various locator maps
Image:Rzeczpospolita 1920.png Image:Rzeczpospolita 1920.png Map of Poland 1918-1939, currently under development
Image:PBW March 1919.png Polish-Bolshevik War - fronts in March of 1919
Image:PBW December 1919.png Polish-Bolshevik War - fronts in December of 1919
Image:PBW June 1920.png Polish-Bolshevik War - fronts in July of 1920
Image:PBW August 1920.png Polish-Bolshevik War - fronts in August of 1920
Polish Defence War of 1939
Polish areas annexed by Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia and the Soviet Union
German concentration camps in Poland
Curzon line
Major battles of the Polish-Bolshevik War
names • no names Polish/Czechoslovak/Lithuanian/German/Ukrainian claims in 1920's
Image:Rzeczpospolita Central Lithuania.png Central Lithuania
Image:Rzeczpospolita Lithuania claims.png Central Lithuania as compared with other Lithuanian claims
Image:Rzeczpospolita 1789-1920.png Post-1922 borders compared with the territory of Poland before the partitions
Warsaw Uprising and the Operation Tempest
Poland partitioned between the Soviets and the Germans
Image:Rzeczpospolita 1939 Polish divisions.png Polish divisions on September 1, 1939
Home Army inspectorates
Image:Rzeczpospolita 1920.xcf SOURCE FILE - GIMP format

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English: Voivodships of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
Français : Voïvodies (régions administrative) de l'union polono-lituanienne.
Español: Voivodias en la Mancomunidad polaco-lituana.

Česky: Vojvodství Republiky obou národů (polsko-litevské unie).
English: Voivodships of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
Español: Voivodias en la Mancomunidad polaco-lituana.
Français : Voïvodies (régions administrative) de l'union polono-lituanienne.
Magyar : A lengyel–litván perszonálunió vajdaságai.
Italiano: Voivodato della Repubblica delle Due Nazioni (polacco-lituana).
日本語: ポーランド・リトアニア連合 公国
‪Norsk (nynorsk)‬: Vojvodskap i Den polsk-litauiske realunionen.
Polski: Podział administracyjny Rzeczpospolitej Obojga Narodów
Português: Voivodias da comunidade comum polaco-lituana.
Русский: Воеводства Речи Посполитой
Svenska: Vojvodskap i Polsk-litauiska samväldet.
ไทย: เขตการปกครองของเครือรัฐโปแลนด์-ลิทัวเนีย
简体中文: 波兰和 立陶宛军事联盟地图

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