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This colour image of the Moon was taken by the Galileo spacecraft at 9:35 a.m. PST en:December 9, en:1990, at a range of about 350,000 miles. The colour composite uses monochrome images taken through violet, en:red, and near- en:infrared filters. The concentric, circular Orientale basin, 600 miles across, is near the centre; the near side is to the right, the far side to the left. At the upper right is the large, dark en:Oceanus Procellarum; below it is the smaller en:Mare Humorum. These, like the small dark en:Mare Orientale in the centre of the basin, formed over 3 billion years ago as basaltic lava flows. At the lower left, among the southern cratered highlands of the far side, is the South-Pole-Aitken basin, similar to Orientale but twice as great in diameter and much older and more degraded by cratering and weathering. The cratered highlands of the near and far sides and the Maria are covered with scattered bright, young ray craters.

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