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1. Key 2. Key frame 3. Key leads 4. Front rail pin and punching 5. Balance rail pin and punching 6. Back rail cloth 7. Capstan screw 8. Wippen bottom knuckle 9. Action bottom rail 10. Wippen supporting flange 11. Wippen 12. Jack knuckle 13. Jack 14. Regulating rail 15. Regulating button screw 16. Jack regulating button 17. Jack stop 18. Repetition lever support 19. Repetition lever 20. Repetition lever spring 21. Jack spring 22. Repetition lever regulating button 23. Repetition lever stop 24. Hammer cushion 25. Top action rail 26. Hammer flange 27. Hammer shank 28. Hammer knuckle 29. Top repetition lever stop 30. Hammer molding 31. Hammer under felt 32. Hammer top felt 33. Damper wire 34. Damper head 35. Damper lever 36. Damper lever flange and spring 37. Damper lever leads 38. Damper block 39. Damper wire 40. Damper head 41. Damper felt



Grand piano action


Regulation and Repair of Piano and Player Mechanism together with Tuning as Science and Art




William Braid White


Copyright 1909 by Edward Lyman Bill (Publisher)


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