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Saturn eclipsing the sun, seen from behind from the Cassini orbiter. The image is a composite assembled from images taken by the Cassini spacecraft on 15 September, 2006.

Individual rings seen include (in order, starting from most distant)

  • E ring
  • Pallene ring (visible very faintly in an arc just below Saturn)
  • G ring
  • Janus/Epimetheus ring (faint)
  • F ring (narrow brightest feature)
  • Main rings (A,B,C)
  • D ring (bluish, nearest Saturn)

For a detailed description, see and

Source (compressed version of


September 15, 2006


NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute


Public domain

Other versions Image:Saturn eclipse exaggerated.jpg (exaggerated colour)
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Picture of the day This image was selected as a picture of the day for January 21, 2007. It was captioned as followed:
English: Eclipse of the Sun by Saturn
Deutsch: Sonnenfinsternis durch den Saturn, gesehen von der Raumsonde Cassini
Français : Eclipse de soleil par Saturne.
Español: Eclipse solar por Saturno.

Česky: Zatmění Slunce Saturnem
Cymraeg: Diffyg ar yr Haul gan y blaned Sadwrn.
Deutsch: Sonnenfinsternis durch den Saturn, gesehen von der Raumsonde Cassini
English: Eclipse of the Sun by Saturn
Esperanto: Suna eklipso pro la Saturno.
Español: Eclipse solar por Saturno.
Suomi: Saturnus auringon edessä Cassini- avaruusluotaimelta katsottuna
Français : Eclipse de soleil par Saturne.
Galego: Eclipse de sol por Saturno
Magyar : A Nap a Szaturnusz takarásában.
Italiano: Eclissi di Sole per Saturno.
日本語: 土星による 日食
Polski: Zaćmienie Słońca przez Saturna.
Русский: Затмение Солнца Сатурном.
Српски / Srpski: Сатурн помрачује Сунце
Svenska: Solförmörkelse där solen skyms av Saturnus.
简体中文: 土星引起的 日食
繁體中文: 土星引起的 日食


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