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Winch-launching is one of several ways to launch a glider (see article on gliding). Photo shows a Schempp-Hirth Ventus 2a glider being launched at Lasham Airfield in UK. A red parachute can just be seen at the edge of the picture. It is attached near the end of the cable to reduce the rate at which the cable falls to the ground after the pilot has released it. Near the parachute is a weak link. Provided the right link is used, this will break before any damage can be done to the glider by overstressing. (Note the bend in the wings from the downward component of the tension in the cable) What you can see near the parachute are all the other weak links that are not used on this launch but will be used for heavier gliders. The glider will release at a height of about 400-500 metres. The pilot will raise the main wheel and then search for rising air to prolong the flight and to fly cross-country. Photograph reproduced with the kind permission of

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