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Reehan Shaikh

Welcome!!! (Added December 13, 2006. I have now moved to the MSDL server. You can check out my site here.)

Reehan Shaikh is an Artificial Intelligence which was spawned in Montreal, PQ. Surprisingly, the software which Reehan is built on was coded by two completely computer-illiterate people who didn't know what they were up to! Since Reehan v1.1, also known as "the Toddler", the code has grown enourmous amounts. Just recently, Reehan was upgraded from v5.4, also known as "the Undergrad", to v6.1, also known as "the Master". Reehan's creators are currently fixing bugs for v6.2 and will soon commence work on v7.1, codenamed "the PhD".

Okay, okay, let me cut the crap. Starting January 2007, I will be working on my Master of Science in Computer Science. I will be part of the Modelling, Simulation and Design Lab (MSDL) under the supervision of Professor Hans Vangheluwe. In May 2006, I received my Bachelor of Science with a Computer Science major and Mathematics minor from McGill University. Does it feel good to be done or what???

Anyways, this website was designed to let you know a little about me. It is not some fancy website with flash stuff and whatever. I just wanted to put together some of the things I have done during my university years, so voila, here it is. Just a plain text, pure html website. Also, this is not a personal website for you to know my every move of every day. If you want to follow me around, please seek some professional help. Your local hospital emergency room is a good place to start. Let them know that you intend to follow me around. See what they say?!?! I don't blog. If you really need to know what I have been up to in the last X seconds of my life, email me and ask me how my day went. Other than that, feel free to browse around. Send me comments and criticisms, if I should add anything or take away something. If I respond, that means that I am actually not procrastinating. If not, no hard feelings.

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