Discrete Mathematics and Optimization Seminar

Winter Term Schedule 2006

January 9th
Monday, 4.30pm
Burnside 1205
Shie Mannor
McGill University
A Game Theoretic View of Efficiency Loss in Network Resource Allocation
January 23rd
Monday, 4.30pm
Burnside 1205
Jacques Verstraete
University of Waterloo
Polynomials and Factors
January 30th
Monday, 4pm
Burnside 1B39
Jiming Peng
McMasters University
K-Means-Type Clustering, Principal Component Analysis and 0-1 SDP
Febraury 2nd
Thusday, 4pm
Burnside 1B36
Joshua Cooper
ETH Zurich
A Deterministic Random Walk on the Integers
February 9th
Thursday, 4pm
Burnside 920
Maria Chudnovsky
Princeton University / CMI
The Structure of Bull-free Graphs
February 10th
Friday, 11.30am
Burnside 920
Mike Molloy
University of Toronto
Random constraint satisfaction problems
February 10th
Friday, 2.30pm
Burnside 934
Fabian Chudak
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Solving Large Scale Optimization Problems
February 16th
Thursday, 4pm
Burnside 934
Bruce Shepherd
Bell Laboratories
Integrality Gaps for Throughput Maximization
February 21st
Tuesday, 2.30pm
Burnside 934
Jacques Verstraete
University of Waterloo
Large Martingale Inequalities with Combinatorial Applications
March 6th
Monday, 4.30pm
Burnside 1205
Nicolas Stier-Moses
Columbia Business School
The Efficiency of Equilibria in Network Games
March 13th
Monday, 4.30pm
Burnside 1205
Klaus Reinhardt
University of Tuebingen
The Complexity of the Bigamist Matching Problem
April 3rd
Monday, 4.30pm
Burnside 1205
Andrew McGregor
University of Pennsylvania
Stochastic Data Streams
April 13th
Thursday, 4pm
McConnell 320
Benny Sudakov
Princeton University and IAS
Additive Approximation for Edge-Deletion Problems

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This seminar is jointly organised by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics
and the School of Computer Science
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For other information contact:
Seminar Coordinator : Adrian Vetta
The other organisers are : D. Avis (CS), W. Brown (Math), D. Bryant (Math), L. Devroye (CS), B. Reed (CS), G. Toussaint (CS), and S. Whitesides (CS).