Fall 2012 Schedule

A Fresh Look at Active Sets
Adrian Lewis   Friday, October 12th   1:30pm   Burnside 1205   abstract
Nonrepetitive Coloring via Entropy Compression
Gwenael Joret   Monday, October 22th   4pm   Burnside 1205   abstract
Porting the Computer Science Toolbox to Game Theory and Economics (SOCS Colloquium)
Tim Roughgarden   Friday, October 26th   2:30pm   MC 103   abstract
Optimizing an Imperfect Tournament
Brett Stevens   Monday, October 29th   4pm   Burnside 1205   abstract
Research Topics on the Traveling Salesman Problem
William Cook   Friday, November 2nd   3:30pm   Burnside 1214   abstract
Dualizing Dijkstra's Algorithm for the Min-Cut Problem
Don Wagner   Friday, November 2nd   4:15pm   Burnside 1214   abstract
Revenue Optimization in Multi-Item Auctions
Costis Daskalakis   Monday, November 12th   4pm   Burnside 1205   abstract
Approximation Algorithms for Stochastic Knapsack and Multi-Armed Bandits
Anupam Gupta   Monday, November 26th   4pm   Burnside 1205   abstract
To Be Announced
Joe Sawada   Monday, December 10th   4pm   Burnside 1205   abstract
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