Discrete Mathematics and Optimization Seminar

Fall Term Schedule 2006

October 23rd
Monday, 4.30pm
Burnside 1205
Christophe Paul
Distance labeling schemes
November 6th
Monday, 4.30pm
Burnside 1205
Neil Olver
McGill University
The price of anarchy and a priority-based model of routing
November 13th
Monday, 4.30pm
Burnside 1205
Andrei Krokhin
Durham University
Maximum constraint satisfaction and supermodular optimisation on lattices
November 20th
Monday, 4.30pm
Burnside 1205
Odile Marcotte
On the feedback vertex set polytope of a series-parallel graph
November 27th
Monday, 4.30pm
Burnside 1205
Emeric Gioan
On some axiomatisations of pseudoline arrangements, oriented matroids, and graph drawings
December 4th
Monday, 4.30pm
Burnside 1205
Eyal Goren
McGill University
Ramanujan graphs: a motivated introduction

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This seminar is jointly organised by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics
and the School of Computer Science
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For other information contact:
Seminar Coordinator : Adrian Vetta
The other organisers are : D. Avis (CS), L. Devroye (CS), B. Reed (CS), B. Shepherd (Maths) G. Toussaint (CS), J. Verstraete (Maths) and S. Whitesides (CS).