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If you are a McGill Computer Science undergraduate seeking advising, please note that I currently play two roles in SOCS in this regard.

  1. I am the graduate advisor, answering questions regarding preparing for graduate school, applying for graduate scholarships, and other related issues. In this role I take appointments and I am happy to answer questions over e-mail. Please feel free to reach out!
  2. I am the special advisor to the school in charge of things like course substitutions and other graduation issues. If you are a student looking for advice on these issues, please note that I do not take appointments in this role. You must first reach out to the undergraduate program coordinator Liette Chin and obtain a degree audit, at which I point I will be brought into the process only if necessary.

If you are an undergraduate student falling into either of these two cases please feel free to reach out. If not, please identify the right advisor from this list and reach out to them. If you have already sent me an e-mail and I haven't responded, please do not be afraid to ping me again — it is likely that your e-mail was buried and I don't mind reminders!