Renato De Mori
Emeritus Professor


School of Computer Science, McGill University
3480 University Street
McConnell Building, Room 204N
Montréal, QC, H3A 0E9






Biographical Information


I am   Emeritus Professor at McGill University and the University of Avignon (Academy of Marseille)

I am LIFE Fellow of the Computer Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and

former Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE Signal Processing Society.


I have been Professor of Computer Science at the Université d’Avignon, France and Director of LIA CNRS France,

Professor and Director at the  School of Computer Science at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Professor and Chairman at Concordia University, Computer Science, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Professor and Chairman at the Institute of Computer Science , University of Turin, Italy,  Assistant, then Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering at Politecnico di Torino, Italy.


Recent research activity and selected publications


Topic identification in human/human dialogues


Killian Janod, Mohamed Morchid, Richard Dufour, Georges Linares, Renato De Mori

Denoised Bottleneck Features from Deep Autoencoders for Telephone Conversation Analysis

IEEE/ACM Transactions o  Audio, Speech, and Language Processing, Volume: 25Issue: 9

Pages:1809-1820, 2017


Mohamed Morchid, Richard Dufour, Mohamed Bouallegue, Georges Linarès, Driss Matrouf and Renato De Mori

Compact Multi-View Representation of Documents based on the Total Variability Space

IEEE/ACM Transactions on  Audio, Speech, and Language Processing, August 2015, 23, Issue: 8 ,  1245-1308


Mohamed Morchid, Richard Dufour, Mohamed Bouallegue, Georges Linarès, Driss Matrouf and Renato De Mori

An I-vector Based Approach to Compact Multi-Granularity Topic Spaces Representation of Textual  Documents

Proceedings of the 2014 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP),

pages 443–454, October 25-29, 2014, Doha, Qatar


Xavier Bost; Grégory Senay; Marc El-Beze,; Renato De Mori
Multiple topic identification in human/human conversations

Computer Speech and Language, (2015) 18–42


Spoken language understanding


Gokhan Tur and Renato  De Mori Eds. "Spoken Language Understanding"

J. Wiley 2011


Stefan Hahn, Marco Dinarelli, Christian Raymond, Fabrice Lefèvre, Patrick Lehnen,

Renato De Mori, Hermann Ney, and Giuseppe Riccardi

"Comparing Stochastic Approaches to Spoken Language Understanding in Multiple Languages"

IEEE Transactions on  Audio, Speech, and Language Processing, 19, Issue: 6, pp 1569-1583, Aug. 2011.


R. De Mori, F. Bechet, D. Hakkani-Tur, M. McTear, G. Riccardi, G. Tur

Spoken language understanding

Signal Processing Magazine, IEEE; Volume 25, Issue:3  , May 2008 Page(s):50 – 58


C. Raymond, F. Béchet, N. Camelin, Renato De Mori and Géraldine Damnati,

 Sequential decision strategies for machine interpretation of speech,

 IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing, 15Issue:1 :162-171, January 2007.


C. Raymond, F. Béchet R. de Mori and G. Damnati,

On the use of finite state transducers for semantic interpretation,

 Speech Communication, 48(3): 288-304, March 2006.


Cettolo M., Corazza A. and De Mori R.

Language Portability of a Speech Understanding System

Computer Speech and Language, 12(1):1-21, Jan. 1998.


De Mori, R. and Kuhn, R.,

The Application of Semantic Classification Trees to Natural Language Understanding

IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, vol PAMI-17, Issue:5  , May 1995, pp. 449-460.


C. Pateras, G. Dudek and R. de Mori

Understanding Referring Expressions in a Person-Machine Spoken Dialogue

IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing,, Detroit, MI, Issue:1  ,pp.197-200, May 1995.


Automatic speech recognition


M. Benzeghiba, R. De Mori, O. Deroo, S. Dupont *, T. Erbes, D. Jouvet, L. Fissore,

P. Laface, A. Mertins, C. Ris, R. Rose, V. Tyagi, C. Wellekens

Automatic speech recognition and speech variability: A review

Speech Communication 49 (2007) 763–786

Best paper award 2009


Roberto Gemello, Franco Mana, Stefano Scanzio, Pietro Laface , Renato De Mori

Linear hidden transformations for adaptation of hybrid ANN/HMM models

Speech Communication 49 (2007) 827–835


R. Gemello, F. Mana and R. De Mori

Automatic speech recognition with a modified ephraim-malah rule 

IEEE Signal Processing Letters , 13, Issue:1  ,p. 52-55, January 2006


Roberto Gemello, Franco Mana, Dario Albesano and Renato De Mori  

Multiple resolution analysis for robust automatic speech recognition

Computer Speech and Language, 20(1), pp. 2-21, January 2006


Yannick Estève, Christian Raymond, Renato De Mori and David Janiszek,

On the use of linguistic consistency in automatic speech recognition

IEEE Transaction on Speech and Audio Processing, SAP-11, Issue:6 746-756,  November 2003


R.De Mori,  L.Moisa, R.Gemello, F.Mana and D. Albesano

Computation of robust acoustic features for automatic speech recognition

Computer Speech and Language, 2001, 15(4):341-354.


R.  De Mori,  Spoken dialogues with computers, Academic Press, 1998


Opinion analysis


N. Camelin, F. Bechet, G Damnati, and R. De Mori

Detection and Interpretation of Opinion Expressions in Spoken Surveys
Audio, Speech, and Language Processing, IEEE Transactions on
Volume 18,
Issue:2 , Feb. 2010 Page(s):369 - 381


Software engineering


Gayane Petrosyan, Martin P. Robillard, Renato De Mori

Discovering Information Explaining API Types Using Text Classification

Proc ACM/IEEE International Conference on Software EngineeringIssue:6 Florence Italy May 2015


E. Merlo, I. Mc Adam, R. De Mori,

Feed-forward and recurrent neural networks for source code information analysis, 2003

Journal of Software Maintenance, 3:1-2


Information retrieval


C.Carpineto, R. De Mori, G. Romano, B. Bigi

An information theoretic approach to automatic query expansion

ACM Transactions on INFORMATION SYSTEMS, 19(1):1-27,2001




These research activities were mostly funded by the following European projects:


SMADA: Telephone directory assistance (France-Télécom, Swiss Télécom, CSELT, KPN, Univ Nijmegen, Politecnico di Torino)  2000 – 2003  


DIVINES: Research on variability of speech features  variability (France-Télécom, Telecom Italia, Univ Oldenburg, Multitel, Babel, Politecnico di Torino)  2004 – 2007


PASCAL: Machine learning and application Network of Excellence,  2004 – 2008


LUNA:  Spoken language understanding for telephone applications (France-Télécom, Loquendo, Univ. of  Aachen, Univ. of Trento, CSI Piemonte, Polish Academy of Sciences, IIJPT) 2006-2009


m2cr : neural machine translation MILA lab Montreal Canada, Univ of Le Mans France, LAMP Spain,  2015-2017


and by


the Centre de National d’Etudes en Telecommunications (now Orange Lab) of France telecom  and

the French Agence nationale de la Recherche (ANR)


Selected publications and research history


My research activity started with my doctoral thesis at the Politecnico di Torino on the design and construction of a system for Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) based on perceptions used for recognizing phonemes. The work is described in:


De Mori, R., Gilli, L. and Meo, A.R.

A Flexible Real-time Recognizer of Spoken Words for Man-machine Communication

International Journal on Man-machine Studies, Vol. 2, No. 4, pp. 317-326, October 1970.


With the purpose of having faster computers for real-time signal processing, I worked on Computer architectures, particularly on fast, parallel arithmetic units.

Selected publications in this field are:


De Mori, R.

Suggestion for an I.C. Fast Parallel Multiplier

Electronics Letters, Vol. 5, No. 3, pp. 50-51, February 1969.


De Mori, R., Rivoira, S. and Serra, A.

A Special Purpose Computer for Digital Signal Processing

IEEE Transactions on Computers, Issue:C24 , pp. 1202-1211, December 1975


De Mori, R. and Cardin, R.

A Recursive Algorithm for Binary Multiplication and its Implementation

ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, Vol. 3, No. 4, pp. 294-314, 1985.


ASR research evolved with the use of syntactic and artificial intelligence   techniques of which selected publications are in


SYNTACTIC PATTERN RECOGNITION-APPLICATIONS Edited by K.S. Fu, Springer-Verlag Publishing Co., 1977.

De Mori, R.

A Descriptive Technique for Automatic Speech Recognition

IEEE Transactions on Audio and Electroacoustic, Vol. Au-21, Issue:2 , pp. 89-100, April 1973.


De Mori, R., Lam, L. and Gilloux, M.

Learning and Plan Refinement in a Knowledge-based System for Automatic Speech Recognition

IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence,  Vol. PAMI-9, Issue:2 , pp. 289-305, 1987


ASR research evolved with application of statistical methods described in selected publications describing attempts to go beyond n-gram language models, maximum likelihood estimation and left-to-right parsing with stochastic context-free grammars:

Kuhn, R. and De Mori, R.

A Cache-based Natural Language Model for Speech Recognition

IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence,  Vol. PAMI-12, Issue:6 , pp. 570-583, June 1990


Corazza, A., De Mori, R., Gretter, R. and Satta, G.

Computation of Probabilities for an Island-driven Parser

IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, September 1991, Vol. PAMI-13, Issue:9 , pp. 936-950


Normandin, Y., Cardin, R. and De Mori, R.,

High-performance Connected Digit Recognition Using Maximum Mutual Information Estimation

IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing, Vol. 2, Issue:2  , April 1994, pp. 299 - 311.



Corazza, A., De Mori, R., Gretter, R. and Satta, G.

Optimal Probabilistic Evaluation Functions for Search Controlled by Stochastic Context-free Grammars

IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, vol. 16, Issue:10  , October 1994, pp. 1018-1027


and neural models attempting to join optimizing hidden Markov models and acoustic features extracted with multilayer neural networks  described in


Bengio, Y. and De Mori, R.

Use of Multi-layer Networks for Acoustic Property Extraction and Automatic Speech Recognition

Computational Intelligence, No. 5, pp. 134-147, August 1989.


Cosi, P., Bengio, Y. and De Mori, R.

On the Generalization Capability of Multi-layered Networks Used for Automatic Speech Recognition

International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, pp. 1531-1536, Detroit, MI, August 1989.


Cosi, P., Bengio, Y. and De Mori, R.

Phonetically-based Multi-layered Neural Networks for Vowel Classification

Speech Communication special issue on Neurospeech, Vol. 9, No. 1, pp. 15-30, February 1990.


Bengio, Y., De Mori, R., Flammia, G. and Kompe, R.

Global Optimization of a Neural Network - Hidden Markov Model Hybrid

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, Vol. 3, Issue:2 , March 1992, pp. 252-259.


Bengio, Y., Cardin, R. and De Mori, R.

Speaker-independent Speech Recognition with Neural Networks and Speech Knowledge

Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 2, Edited by D.S. Touretzky, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 1990.


De Mori, R., Bengio, Y. and Cardin, R.

Data-driven Execution of Multi-layered Networks for Automatic Speech Recognition

7th Conference of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence proceedings, St. Paul, MN, August 1988, pp. 734-738.


De Mori, R. and Flammia, G.,

Speaker-independent Consonant Classification in Continuous Speech with Distinctive Features and Neural Networks

Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Vol. 94, no. 6, December 1993,  pp. 3091-3103.


Other selected publications:


Automatic Speech Recognition


De Mori, R., Laface, P. and Mong, Y.

Parallel Algorithms for Syllable Recognition in Continuous Speech

IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Vol. PAMI-7, Issue:1 , pp. 56-69, 1985.


Demichelis, P., De Mori, R., Laface, P. and O'Kane, M.

Computer Recognition of Plosive Sounds Using Contextual Information

IEEE Transactions on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, Vol. ASSP-31, Issue:2 , pp. 359-377, 1983.


De Mori, R. and Laface, P.

Use of Fuzzy Algorithms for Phonetic and Phonemic Labelling of Continuous Speech

IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Vol. PAMI-2, Issue:2 , pp. 136-148, March 1980.


De Mori, R., Gubrinowicz, R. and Laface, P.

Inference of a Knowledge Source for the Recognition of Nasals in Continuous Speech

IEEE Transactions on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing,  Vol ASSP-27, Issue:5 , pp. 538-549, October 1979.


De Mori, R., Laface, P. and Piccolo, E.

Automatic Detection and Description of Syllabic Features in Continuous Speech

IEEE Transactions on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing,Vol. ASSP-24, Issue:5 , pp. 365-379, October 1976.


Software engineering;


Buss, E., De Mori, R., Gentleman, W. M., Henshaw, J., Johnson, H., Kontogiannis, K.

Merlo, E., Muller, H. A., Mylopoulos, J., Paul, S., Prakash, A., Stanley, M.,

Tilley, S.R., Troster, J. and Wong, K.

Investigating Reverse Engineering Technologies for the CAS Program Understanding Project

IBM System Journal, Vol. 33, no. 3, 1994, pp. 477-500.


Merlo, E., Girard, J.F., Hendren, L.J. and De Mori, R.,

Multi-valued constant propagation analysis for user interface engineering,

International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, v. 5, no. 1, March 1995, pp. 5-23.


Merlo E., Gagne' P.Y., Girard J. F., Kontogiannis K., Hendren L., Panangaden P. and De Mori R.,

Reengineering User Interfaces

IEEE Software, Jan. 1995, Issue:1   pp.64-73.


Kontogiannis K., De Mori R., Merlo E., Galler M. and Bernstein M.,

Pattern matching for Clone and Concept Detection

Automated Software Engineering, vol. 3, no. 1-2, pages 77-108, June 1996.


Biomedical signals


Belforte, G., De Mori, R. and Ferraris, F.

A Contribution to the Automatic Processing of Electrocardiograms Using Syntactic Methods

IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Vol. BME-26, Issue:3 , pp. 125-136, March 1979


Qualitative reasoning


De Mori, R., and Prager, R.

Perturbation Analysis with Qualitative Models

International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, pp. 1180-1186, Detroit, MI, August 1989.




The research in the period 1983-1996 was mostly funded by the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada,

The Institute of Robotics and Intelligent systems (IRIS), a Canadian Center of Excellence.


Editorial activities 


Chief Editor, SPEECH COMMUNICATION (2003 - 2006t), Elsevier,

Associate Editor, SIGNAL PROCESSING (1979 – 1995) Elsevier,

Associate Editor, SPEECH COMMUNICATION (1981 –present), Elsevier,

Associate Editor, PATTERN RECOGNITION LETTERS (1982 – 2004) Elsevier

Associate Editor, COMPUTER SPEECH AND LANGUAGE (1986 – present) Academic Press

Associate Editor then Advisory Board member IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON PATTERN ANALYSIS




Associate Editor, COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE (1991 – 2004)


Committees and services


General co-chairman  INTERSPEECH CONFERENCE Florence (Italy) 2011

Member, (1983 – 1987 and  2003-2006) IEEE Speech technical committee

Member (2003 – 2006) IM2 – Scientific  Council, Swiss Network of excellence

Member (2003 – 2014),  Scientific Council,  Interdoctoral polytechnic Schools

Republic of Italy

Member (2002 2006) Canadian Chairs Review panel

Member (1999 – 2000) Interdisciplinary Committee Canadian Foundation for Innovation

Member: Scientific Council, Réseau Francophone de l'Ingénierie de la Langue,


Conseiller Scientifique :  , Centre National  d'Etudes des Télécommunications

Lannion, France Telecom

Vice-President, Research (1987 – 1994) Centre de recherche informatique de Montréal

Member (1990-1995), Executive Advisory Board, IBM Canada Toronto Research Lab.  

Member (1991 – 1993) Advisory Panel on Software Engineering Industry, Science and Technology Canada

Member (1991 – 1996) Advisory Board,  Information Systems National Research Council of Canada

Member then Chairman (1987 – 1990) Artificial Intelligence Associate Committee National Research Council of Canada

Member then Chairman (1989 -1994)  Scientific Advisory Board Information Technology

Research Center, Ontario

Member then Chairman (1983 – 1986) Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Computing and Information Sciences Grant Section Committee

Member ‘1987 - 1990    1996-1999) Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Strategic Grant Committee Communication and Computers Panel

Vice-President (1986 – 1990), Canadian Society for the Computational Studies of  Intelligence


 Evaluator of research projects in Europe, America, Asia and Australia