A <a href> to the Past

Welcome to the webpage of A <a href> to the Past!

On this page you will find hyperlinks, or <a href> as we call them here. Hyperlinks are links through hyperspace. As with the older vehicle-based technologies such as the Tardis© and the DeLorean©, hyperspace can take you to distant locations in both time and space. But our innovative HTML-based links allow you to take part in such travels from the comfort of your own home! Here, we provide our very latest hyperlinks. These gateways lead to the past civilizations of:
  • The Greek city-states
  • The Roman Empire of Marcus Aurelius
  • The Fall of the Ottoman Empire
  • The Moroccan Desert and its Qassabah buildings
  • The Persian Empire
In these eras, you may be asked by the inhabitants to perform certain tasks. Should you succeed, great rewards could be yours. What are you waiting for? Click on the login link to start your time-traveling adventure today!

A wormhole
An artist's rendition of a hyperlink.

A <a href> to the Past is a subsidiary of Frobozz Co. All our links are compliant with the 2084 Treaty of Chicoutimi on time tourism. We do not endorse time bandits.

Page last updated 27/03/2011